Promoting with Social Media Full Program

As low as $395/month!

The Promoting with Social Media customer knows they could be doing better and wants to save time on what they’re already doing, or know they should be. But, they want to utilize training to either a) take their program to the next level or b) save money by learning to do things themselves instead of paying a staff member or outside consultant.


  • Bi-weekly strategy and execution calls
  • Access to online portal to input event details
  • Weekly content updates, with graphics, on their platform of choice (generally, Facebook)
  • Weekly Facebook event creation
  • Includes 10 Promotions-in-a-Box per annual contract
  • Promotional ideas
  • Guidance on professional graphic design
  • Page monitoring, feedback and insights
  • Advertising guidance, management and optimization

Through our completely customized program, we will put together a comprehensive social media marketing plan for your racing season and help you execute it, saving you time and effort, while helping to drive traffic to your track and money to your bottom line! How? Because we know racing!

After reviewing your existing brand properties, from your website and social media to your email newsletters and other content, we will for your weekly, regular season:

  • Consult and advise on your overall marketing campaign.
  • Provide strategic planning.
  • Produce online promotions and develop proven ideas, prize structures, calendars, and more. We implement it all online for you with the latest technology and tools.
  • Assist you with developing weekly posts, which we can schedule for you and welcome additional content from you and your track staff.
  • Create basic graphics and guide you on all premium graphic design.
  • Monitor pages and provide monthly feedback and insights on analytics and performance.
  • Provide training and resources (see below) on an as-needed basis.

Off-season consulting will focus on strategy, planning and training while keeping your social media presence current and active with regular updating and promotions.

Training and Resources:

Training and resources are an important part of the social media promoting program. Social media is a constantly evolving field, which requires regular strategy adjustments. With our expertise, training can help you and your staff stay up to date with social media trends, tools and platforms.

Training can help you get up to speed on everything from basic tactics to advanced strategies, allowing our combined efforts to take your social media program to the next level. Think about it this way: the more that you, and your staff, can do yourself, the more we can use our time on advanced, strategic and successful strategies.  

Training topics might include:

  • Tool-specific training for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Mailchimp and more
  • Creating ultra-engaging content
  • Utilizing audience insights on a variety of platforms to deliver what your fans want when they want it
  • Designing attention-grabbing graphics that convey your brand and messaging
  • And much more…

Resources include:

  • Regularly updated content guidelines and specifications
  • Tips and tricks documents and files
  • Image sizing guidelines and source files
  • And much more…

Additional Fees and Expenses:

Your monthly fee includes everything detailed in the program above.

Additional fees and expenses will be pre-approved by the client and might include:

  • Optional advertising costs. Social media advertising can take your program to the next level with a very small investment as compared to other mediums. While consulting on the content and graphics is included in your monthly fee, clients are responsible for advertising fees charged by the platform, including advertising costs of Promotions in a Box. Platforms available include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Adwords.
  • Optional graphics costs. For major events with advertising budgets, we may recommend using a professional graphic designer to create a comprehensive portfolio of graphics. This portfolio might include flyers, handouts, social media post graphics, social media header and profile graphics, signage and more.
  • Optional complementary products and services. Clients may wish to add complementary products and services to enhance their customer experience. These might include website design, online ticketing, contest apps, SEO services, SMS services, paid email delivery service and more.


Monthly Payments
Easy-to-manage, bite-sized payments
Quarterly Payments
$1,245/quarterly (Save $240!)
Annual Payments
$4,740/annually (Save $480!)