Knoxville Nationals Driver Twitter List

If you’re a sprint car racing fan, there’s no doubt that you’re tuning in to the Knoxville Nationals this week. One of the best ways to keep up with the many events is on Twitter – you can follow the track, media, commentators and, of course, drivers.

Below you’ll find a list of the drivers on Knoxville’s pre-entry list and their Twitter handles, broken into groups based on their qualifying night. A few drivers have been highlighted as notable Tweeters to follow. Read on to see why.

Wednesday Qualifiers (by car number):

0 Jonathan Allard – @allard0

1K Kyle Larson – @KyleLarsonRacin — You already know that Kyle Larson was 2011’s breakout kid, and 2012 has been no disappointment for the young star. Larson’s social media skills aren’t lacking either, and he’ll likely be one of the more avid Twitter users during the Nationals. You can expect to see updates on his progress, photos and fan responses from this account.

1X Randy Hannagan – none

02 Mike Reinke – none

2K Kevin Ingle – none

2L Ed Lynch Jr – none

2s Lee Sowell – @leesowellracing

2x Dustin Morgan  – @dmracing2

4D Danny Smith – none

D4 Danny Holtgraver – @HoltgraverD4

5w Lucas Wolfe – @lucaswolfe5w

6R Ryan Bunton – none

7 Craig Dollansky – @dollanskyracing

7c Critter Malone – none

7K Jeff Swindell – @JeffSwindell

7s Jason Sides – @SidesMotorsport

7x Dustin Selvage – @sprntcar7

8 Casey Mack – none

9 Joey Saldana – @joeysaldana

9P Rager Phillips – none

11 Steve Kinser – @stevekinser

12 Lynton Jeffrey – @lyntonjeffrey

13v Seth Brahmer – none

13x Paul McMahan – @paulmcmahan — If you’re looking for some color commentary out of Knoxville, Paul McMahan will be your man. McMahan isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, which is often entertaining for his nearly 4,500 followers, or respond to users’ tweets. If there’s any controversy from, there’s no doubt you’ll want to see what McMahan has to say.

15 Donny Schatz – none

16 Dustin Clark – none

17A Austin McCarl – @austinmccarl17a

17M Marty Perovich – @team_one7

18 Tony Bruce Jr – @tonybrucejr

20 AJ Moeller, Rockwell – none

20PK Ron Krysl – none

26 Sam Hafertepe Jr.- @samhafertepejr

28 Brian Paulus – none

29 Kerry Madsen – @kmr29

47 Don Droud Jr. – @dondroudjrracin

47AU Trevor Reynolds – none

49 Brad Sweet – @BradSweet49

51 Fred Rahmer – none

54 Cap Henry – @caphenry

56 Davey Heskin – @heskinmotorspor

57 Shane Stewart – @ShaneStewart57 – The 2012 360 Knoxville Nationals winner doesn’t disappoint on the track or online, responding to fans’ tweets and retweeting relevant information when he’s not providing his own updates and commentary. Stewart will likely provide a behind-the-scenes look at the @kickkidscancer kickball game on Friday, a fun non-racing event that many of the drivers will participate in.

59 Jac Haudenschild – none

63 Chad Kemenah – @CKR_63

66 Geoff Dodge – none

71 Kevin Swindell – @kevinswindell — Much like McMahan, it seems like you can read Kevin Swindell’s mind just from his Twitter feed. Swindell can be both entertaining and controversial, and his 5,000+ followers seem to enjoy it. He’s one of the most prolific tweeters out there, always willing to respond to followers and fans.

75 Glen Saville – none

81 Austin Johnson – none

82 Justin Henderson – @Henderson_racin

88 Jarrod Schneiderman – none

89G David Gravel – @DavidGravel89G

96AU Bruce White – none

99 Brady Bacon – @BradyBacon — Bacon runs his own Twitter account, and does a great job at it. The account does quite a bit of retweeting, but he’s one of the few that gets it right with relevant and timely retweets. The account obviously doesn’t provide real-time results but it’s a great look into his team, from pictures and information about his racing to answers to questions about his always-humorous @BradysGut handle.

140 Ricky Logan, Knoxville, IA

Thursday Qualifiers (by car number):

1 Sammy Swindell – @1sam91

1S Logan Schuchart – @sharkattack1s

1T Chris Shirek – none

1z Danny Lasoski – none

2 Dale Blaney  – none

4 Cody Darrah – @CodyDarrah4

5 Terri O’Connell – @goterrio

6 Bill Rose – none

7TAZ Tasker Phillips – none

10 Sheldon Haudenschild – @haud93

11K Kraig Kinser – @kraigkinser11k — If you’re looking for results for the entire field and non-personal information, Kraig Kinser’s Twitter account delivers. His account, most likely run by his PR person, offers timely and extensive reporting about the Outlaw team. If you’re a Kinser fan or are looking for one or two accounts to follow for results, this is one to follow.

12P TJ Peterson – none

13 Mark Dobmeier – @dobmeierracing

17 Josh Baughman – @Josh_Baughman17

17B Bill Balog – none

17M Joey Moughan – @jracer2m

19 Stevie Smith – none

W20 Greg Wilson – @GregWilsonw20

21 Brian Brown – @brianbrown21

21m Jason Meyers – @jasonmeyers14

22x Geoff Ensign – @ensignmotorspts

23 Seth Bergman – @bergmanracing

23k Rob Kubli – none

24 Terry McCarl – @terrymccarl24

24H Bryan Sebetto – @bryansebetto

24x Josh Higday – @jhigday24

27 Daryn Pittman – @heffnerracing — If you’re a Daryn Pittman fan, this Twitter account keeps you updated on all of the goings-on around the Heffner Racing team. Pittman doesn’t seem to update the account himself, but the Heffner team is great at providing real-time updating and results, along with photos and fan responses.

30c Lance Dewease – none

35 Tyler Walker – @tylerwalkerms

35AU Jamie Veal – @jvr35

39 Greg Hodnett – none

41 Jason Johnson – none

45x Johnny Herrera – none

49J Josh Schneiderman – @jsracing49

53D Jack Dover – @JackDoverRacing

55 Ian Madsen – @IanMadsen

55M James McFadden – none

55x Trey Starks – @treystarks55

69 Mike Moore – none

71AU Domain Ramsay – none

71R Ryan Anderson – none

74x Josh Hodges – @joshhodgesracin

77x Wayne Johnson – none

83 Tim Shaffer – @timshaffer83

83JR Tim Kaeding – @tkaedingracing

91 Dusty Zomer – none

96 Bronson Maeschen – @BronsonMaeschen

If we missed a Twitter account or a driver that registered late that needs to be added, please feel free to let me know in the comments section below. Need help signing up for or using Twitter? Follow the instructions on our Twitter 101 post here or check out our racing social media services.

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