Knoxville Media and Officials Twitter List

Yesterday, I posted a comprehensive list of sprint car drivers competing in the Knoxville Nationals and their Twitter handles. If you enjoy hearing sports information directly from athletes, there are definitely some racing social media heavy-hitters on that list.

Today’s list will focus on the people that cover dirt track racing, whether they’re in the media or are involved with a track or series, and will be providing updates and commentary from Knoxville this week. Just like the drivers, some of them are motorsports social media professionals while others are a bit more unfiltered.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and if you’d like to be added to it, please provide your information in the comments section.

If you want to get more information from anyone and everyone who is tweeting about the Nationals this week, I recommend periodically check the #KnoxvilleNats and #KnoxvilleNationals hashtags. You’ll probably find some gems in there. Feel free to retweet them!

Media and Officials (alphabetically):

Brad Doty – @braddoty18 — If you’ve seen him on Speed Channel or heard him announce, well, anything, you know that Brad Doty provides great commentary. The author’s Twitter feed offers equally great gems in the form of firsthand information, retweets and responses to comments. You won’t get any pictures from Doty, though, as his self-proclaimed ‘old phone’ won’t take them.

Chris Dolack – @ChrisDolack — As the World of Outlaws and DIRTcar Racing public relations rep, Dolack offers a bit more than the official feed, answering questions and providing information about drivers from the tour during their run for the Knoxville Nationals trophy.

Jim Chiappelli – @jim_chiappelli Like Winged Nation, his @Speed producer has been posting great updates on the business side of the sport as well as observations and photos from the events. He’s got a producer’s eye for content, obviously, and always has something interesting to add to the conversation.

Knoxville Nationals – @knoxvillenats — The official Twitter account of the 52nd Goodyear Knoxville Nationals provides lots of interesting trivia and information regarding this weeks events in addition to results. Like many of the official feeds, they’re a bit light on interactivity but they’re worth following.

Knoxville Raceway – @knoxvilleraces — The official Twitter account of Knoxville Raceway. They’ve got all of the official results and information going out on this feed, plus answers to comments and questions.

Ralph Sheheen – @ralphsheheen — As a motorsports content producer and broadcaster, Sheheen knows how to offer commentary that fans want without regurgitating results. He also interacts with many drivers, media members and fans on the account.

Sprint News – @SprntCarNews — If you’re a fan of Central PA sprint car racing, Sprint News provides updates that will appeal mostly to the PA Posse crowd including updates on and photos of Posse drivers. – @tjslideways — A news site of all things sprint car racing, this account is as discerning about providing relevant information, whether it’s retweets or firsthand info, for sprint car fans.

Turn 2 Media – @t2media — Turn 2 Media provides live online video broadcasting from Knoxville, and the team is very interactive in terms of customer service and commentary.

Winged Nation – @WingedNation — This weekly sprint car radio show, hosted by Steve Post and Kendra Jacobs, is taking the show on the road this week at the Knoxville Nationals. The account deals with both the business side of the events, with coverage of the forums and sponsorship announcements, and provides a running commentary on what the two hosts are up to this week.

World of Outlaws – @worldofoutlaws — The official Twitter page of the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, the WoO offers more than just official results. The series offers videos, which often include racing highlights and interviews.

If we missed someone you think will add to the conversation, please let me know in the comments section below. Need help signing up for or using Twitter? Follow the instructions on our Twitter 101 post here or check out our racing social media services.

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